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Ep.53 - NOT THE TWOS, Kid Cudi & "No Fear of Time"

On Ep.53 of ISOS: An interview with NOT THE TWOS, Kid Cudi switching artwork & Black Star's "No Fear of Time".

Ep.52 - Kendrick @ Glastonbury, Jackson Wang & Run The Jewels

On Ep.52 of ISOS: Kendrick's Glastonbury performance, a conversation with Jackson Wang & a video essay on Run The Jewels.

Ep.51 - Streaming Addiction, Les Rallizes Dénudés & Snoop Dogg

On Ep.51 of ISOS: Streaming Addiction, Japanese Psych-rock & Snoop Dogg's NFT Empire

Ep.50 - Newsletters, UK Rap & The Eminem Show

On Ep.50 of ISOS: Music Journalism Newsletters, Mainstream UK Rap & The Eminem Show turning 20.

Ep.49 - redveil, Chad Hugo & Bree Runway

On Ep.49 of ISOS: A trifecta of interview/profile pieces, covering redveil, Chad Hugo & Bree Runway.

Ep.48 - Will Smith, PJ Morton & Heba Kadry

On Ep.48 of ISOS: A video on Will Smith and profiles on PJ Morton & Mastering Engineer, Heba Kadry.

Ep.47 - Festival Posters, Eco-Vinyl & Clickbait?

On Ep.47 of ISOS: The politics of Festival posters, Eco-Vinyl and clickbait.

Ep.46 - Deaf DJs, Drake, & 2Pac/Biggie

On Ep.46 of ISOS: Deaf DJs, Drake's place in Hip-Hop & 25 years since the deaths of 2Pac & The Notorious B.I.G.

Ep.45 - Streaming Alternatives, To Pimp A Butterfly & Encanto

On Ep.45 of ISOS: Artists taking their music off streaming, the 7th anniversary of Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly", and "We Don't Talk About Bruno"

Ep.44 - Bandcamp, Stevie Wonder & EARTHGANG

On Ep.44 of ISOS: Pieces on Epic Games' acquiring Bandcamp, Stevie Wonder's production evolution & EARTHGANG's new album "GHETTO GODS".

Ep.43 - Cash Cobain, Rave Scene & Earl Sweatshirt

On Ep.43 of ISOS: Making beats with Cash Cobain, the resurgence of the Rave scene & a profile on Earl Sweatshirt.

Ep.42 - Saba, Pink Siifu & Sean Bankhead

On Ep.42 of ISOS: Saba and independence, an interview with Pink Siifu & Sean Bankhead.

Ep.41 - Quiet Storm, Preservation & Jay-Z/Verzuz

On Ep.41 of ISOS: The legend of "Quiet Storm", Hip-Hop preservation & Jay-Z/Verzuz gambling.

Ep.40 - Grammys Postponed, R&B Yin-Yang & Moses Sumney

On Ep.40 of ISOS: Grammys are postponed, Ari Lennox & Summer Walker; and a profile on Moses Sumney.

The 5EPN Special 2021

It's time for the annual 5EPN Special, featuring many of the 5EPN hosts.

Ep.39 - Me(n)tal Health, Ringtones & "Law & Order"

On Ep.39 of ISOS: Mental health in Punk & Metal music circles; the Ringtone era & how "Law & Order" stereotyped Drill.

Ep.38 - Maxo Kream, Olivia Rodrigo & "Morning View"

On Ep.38 of ISOS: The growth of Maxo Kream, the connection between Olivia Rodrigo & classical musicians, and Incubus' "Morning View" @ 20.

Ep.37 - The Streaming Boom, Ka & Adele

On Ep.37 of ISOS: The state of Streaming, the underground nature of Ka & the return of Adele.

ISOS 2nd Anniversary Trivia Special

It's been two years since ISOS began. So let's have a quiz.

Ep.36 - Hip-Hop Business, Monsune & Spirited Away

On Ep.36 of ISOS: The business of Hip-Hop, Producer Monsune's contribution to Drake's "Certified Lover Boy", & the main theme song of "Spirited Away".

Ep.35 - Video Game Music, Vol. 2

On Ep.35 of ISOS: How music shapes how you play games, the "existential randomness" of video game music & the soundscapes of Fallout: New Vegas.

Ep.34 - Bbymutha, André 3000 & Amy Winehouse

On Ep.34 of ISOS: A personal essay/review of Bbymutha, André 3000 on love & a retrospective on Amy Winehouse.

Ep.33 - Isaiah Rashad, The Weeknd & Mac Miller

On Ep.33 of ISOS: Two profiles on Isaiah Rashad & The Weeknd. And a video breakdown of Mac Miller's "Circles".

Ep.32 - Whitney Houston, SAULT & Album Lengths

On Ep.32 of ISOS: America's collective treatment of Whitney Houston, a review of the new SAULT album "NINE", and why albums are so damn long.

Ep.31 - AURORA, Gucci Mane & "Real R&B"

On Ep.31 of ISOS: A profile on AURORA, the rebuild of Gucci Mane & the wayward path of what is considered modern R&B.

Ep.30 - DOOM Immigration, Dean Blunt & Record Collections

On Ep.30 of ISOS: MF DOOM's immigration battles, Dean Blunt's new album & the personal value of record collections.

"Unafraid Of Words" W/ Danyel Smith

On this episode of ISOS: Multifaceted & multi-platform Music Journalist Danyel Smith blesses the show.

The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Episode: Music Journalism

For Part 2 of The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Episodes: Music Journalism and what the committee considers Pulitzer worthy Journalism.

“It Means When The Poles Shift” W/ SAROS

On this episode of ISOS: Ryan goes solo to interview collective SAROS.

The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Episode: DAMN.

In a special 2-part series, Brandon, Miki & Ryan explore The Pulitzer Prize, its history with black art and how the hell "DAMN." won in 2018.

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