In the age of Social Media, clickbait and TMZ-style “news” has devoured the Journalism industry. Music Journalism is dead. Or is it?

One thing is for sure. Music deserves better analysis. Quality journalists and creatives deserve more praise and bigger platforms. Fans deserve to be intrigued and inspired by the content they read. And we all deserve more substance and passion in our lives.

Join the CentralSauce Creative Collective as we discuss three pieces of great journalistic content and celebrate the writers who are saving Music Journalism, one article at a time...

F*ck clickbait. Welcome to "In Search Of Sauce."

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Ep.65 - TikTok Virality, Chris Brown & Vic Mensa

On this episode of ISOS: Miki brings a trendy piece on how female artists in Hip-Hop have used TikTok to their advantage; Tyler brings a piece on why women keep workin...

Ep.64 - YoungBoy NBA & SZA

On this episode of ISOS: Tyler brings a profile of SZA (helmed by friend of ISOS Danyel Smith) & Miki caps off with a profile on YoungBoy NBA.ARTICLES & TIMESTAMPS:Mik...

Ep.63 - MusicLM, Japanese Breakfast & Lil Yachty

On Ep.63 of ISOS: A Google AI creates music and two profiles on Japanese Breakfast & Lil Yachty.

Ep.62 - Questlove, Billy Woods & Ice Spice

On Ep.62 of ISOS: Three profiles on Questlove, Billy Woods & Ice Spice.

Ep.61 - pgLang, Alpha Males & 2022

On Ep.61 of ISOS: Kendrick & Dave Free; "Alpha Male" fandoms & concerts in 2022 and beyond.

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