Ep.39 - Me(n)tal Health, Ringtones & "Law & Order"

On Ep.39 of ISOS: Mental health in Punk & Metal music circles; the Ringtone era & how "Law & Order" stereotyped Drill.

In this episode of ISOS: Brandon brings a piece on mental health in Punk & Metal circles. Host Ryan continues the video agenda with one on the Ringtone era. And Jashima brings a critique of a Drill Rap episode of "Law & Order: SVU".

Brandon's Pick - (3:02) "A Look At Punk, Metal, Extreme Music And Mental Health" By David Konow
Ryan's Pick - (17:47) "How Ringtones Dominated the Music Industry" By Mic The Snare
Jashima's Pick - (30:57) "The Drill Rap Episode of ‘Law & Order’ Is Full of Stereotypes and Propaganda" By Andre Gee

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Ep.39 - Me(n)tal Health, Ringtones &
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